Hacienda, New Years Eve, 1986-1987, ticket stub.

December 31, 2015



Hac NYE TKT 86 back


Hac NYE TKT 86


Admission £6!!!

Get in early!

Something to listen to; ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’, Farley “Jackmaster” Funk & Jesse Saunders Feat. Darryl Pandy. 1986.


Echo & The Bunnymen, ticket stub. The International Manchester 1985.

November 12, 2015

Bunnymen Int Tkt stub 85

Echo & the Bunnymen ticket stub from the gig at the The International in Manchester 21st June 1985.

This was billed as a warm up concert for Glastonbury on June 23rd. The Bunnymen did two sets that night, the first was a set of cover versions including Velvet Underground; There She Goes Again and Rolling Stones; Paint It Black.

Their second set at The International that night was packed with excellent tunes from, Crocodiles, Heaven Up Here, Porcupine and Ocean Rain.

Something to listen to; Echo & The Bunnymen; The Cutter from the 1983 Album Porcupine.

Fac 51 The Hacienda, postcard.

October 29, 2015

Hacienda B.kelly p_card

Fac 51 The Hacienda, Ben Kelly design 1982.

Great photograph of the Hacienda dance floor in daylight!

The postcard was from the exhibition ‘Sublime’ Manchester Music and Design 1976-1992 at the Cornerhouse in Manchester. A excellent exhibition with a very smart exhibition catalogue to coincide with the show.

Something to listen to; Played a lot in the early days at the Hacienda. New Order, Temptation Fac 63. Released May 1982.



The Smiths promo poster for ‘Hatful Of Hollow’ album 1984.

October 7, 2015


The Smiths promo poster for ‘Hatful Of Hollow’ album 1984.

‘Hatful of Hollow’ was The Smiths second album and was released 12th November 1984 on Rough Trade / Rough 76.

Something to listen to; ‘Reel Around The Fountain’ from the album.

The Stone Roses, Spike Island, Widnes 27th May 1990. Ticket stub.

May 27, 2015

Spike Island tktMy ‘Spike Island’ ticket stub. 25 years ago today!!

Great day, it was even hot and sunny for most of the day! The fireworks after The Stone Roses performed were great and finished it off perfectly.

S_Island tkt backThe back of the ‘Spike Island’ ticket complete with directions, which were needed!

And here is something to listen to: The Stone Roses ‘I Am the Resurrection’. From ‘The Stone Roses’ album, released 17th April 1989;

New Order, Happy Mondays poster, the Hacienda, Manchester 1985.

May 5, 2015

New Order Happy Mondays poster from the Hacienda 1986

I got this poster from one of the notice boards inside the Hacienda at the time, typical Factory it was hand written with no exact dates on it, the gigs were in April!! I think it may have been the first couple of shows as a Factory band for Happy Mondays and being the support for New Order meant it was good crowds at both shows.
I seem to remember the Macclesfield leisure centre one being pretty rowdy and most people there being the worst for wear. The Happy Mondays were great and had only played a few concerts up to that point and had not yet released their first record.

New Order were excellent too and it was a home town gig for two of the memebers of the band.
This poster was on me and my brothers bedroom wall at my mum and dads house for years, you can still see the bluetack marks on the corners!
Its now lovingly framed on my wall at home!

Something to listen too; New Order ‘Thieves Like Us’ Fac 103. May 1984.

Happy Mondays, ticket stub. The New Ritz, NYC USA, August 4th 1989.

April 29, 2015


Here’s my ticket stub from August 1989 from one of the Happy Mondays dates on the American ‘Bummed’ tour. That night they were supporting The Pixies who were a really big indie band at the time. The Happy Mondays performance that night was captured on film and later featured on the ‘Madchester Rave on’ video, Fac 262 1989. Excellent night it was too!


A photo of Happy Mondays taken by the renowned Manchester photographer Kevin Cummins. From the same US tour in 1989, taken on the Staten Island ferry in NYC. Bez refers to this as his favourite photo taken of the band!!

And something to listen to; Happy Mondays ‘Country Song’ from the album ‘Bummed’ Fact 220 November 1988.


Fac 251 Factory laminate pass, Manchester September 1990.

February 19, 2015

Factory phase1 passHere is my Factory laminate pass for the opening night/party in September 1990, of Fac 251 the then new Factory Records headquarters. The opening night was pretty chaotic but great fun!

Fac B_Bld 3

And here’s another one of my photographs of the outside of the building that became Fac 251, taken around late 1989 (I think)! When Factory had just bought the building that is on the corner of Princess Street and Charles Street in Manchester M1. This was before they renovated it and turned into their stylish new offices/headquarters! Complete with adornment of Central Stations portrait of Shaun Ryder used for the Happy Mondays album cover ‘Bummed’ Fact 220 1988. (Take a look at one of my earlier posts on the blog with other photos of the same building).

The building is still there now and is Factory 251, the nightclub, part owned by Peter Hook one of the original and founder members of Joy Division and New Order.

Something to listen to; Happy Mondays ‘Dennis and Lois’ from the album ‘Pills ‘N Thrills and Bellyaches’ Fact 320 1990. What a great track!!


Here’s the original cover for ‘Pills ‘N Thrills and Bellyaches’!!


New Order, ticket stub, Meadowlands Arena, New Jersey USA 19th July 1989.

February 11, 2015



Here’s my ticket stub for New Order at the Meadowlands Arena in New Jersey 1989.

Also playing that night were the Sugar Cubes and Public Image Ltd. Although I don’t really remember that much of the night itself or the other bands! I do remember there being a big crowd and as usual New Order kept everybody waiting. Typically there seemed to be a lot of English people around particularly Northerners!! The Meadowlands Arena was the then home of the New York Giants, American football team and it was a pretty big stadium.

I think it may have been the last night of New Orders twelve week tour of America that year! I can also remember me and my mates travelled there from central Manhattan on public transport and it was a pain to get to as most people seemed to be in cars!

The Happy Mondays were in America at the same time as New Order in the summer of 1989 touring with their album ‘Bummed’. So there was a bit of a Factory Records in America ‘vibe’ going on, I think Tony Wilson/Factory Records also participated in the ‘New Music Seminar’ in NYC around the same time.

Something to listen to and a track that New Order played in their set that night; New Order ‘Blue Monday’.Originally released March 1983 Fac 73 Single.

Hacienda, flyer Christmas and New Year celebrations 1988/89.

January 30, 2015


Flyer for the Hacienda festive celebrations at the club 1988/89.

I only just found this flyer in a shoe box a couple of weeks ago and thought it was nice to include in my blog. Its a good example of Factory Records and the Hacienda’s graphic identity which was always visually strong and coherent. This always applied to everything the record label  and club did, whether it was a new single or album release, a flyer for a new night or event, films or promotional material.

I remember the new years eve party for 88/89 was a pretty crazy one at the Hacienda and in Manchester generally. The year had followed on from the ‘second summer of love’ in 87, acid house and ‘raving’ had hit its peak throughout the UK in 1988 great times! Great Tune!

Something to listen to; Royal House (Todd Terry), Can You Party. Champion Records CHAMP 12-79, 1988.