The Hacienda. Hallucienda, flyer 1990.




Hallucinda Flyer 1990.

This was a series of Monday night events in March 1990 at The Hacienda. Featuring bands such as The Beloved, The High, The Farm and The Bridewell Taxis. Advance Tickets were available for £3.50  from Piccadilly Records, Eastern Bloc & The Hacienda. What else would you do on a Monday night.

Here’s something to listen to; The High, ‘Box Set Go’ single released on 7″, 12″ and CD format by London Records in 1990. From the album ‘Somewhere Soon’ from the same year.




4 Responses to “The Hacienda. Hallucienda, flyer 1990.”

  1. Rick Banks Says:

    Hi there,

    I’m writing a book all about the graphic design of the Hacienda.

    Do you have a high res scan of this please?

    • antipopstar Says:

      Hi Rick,
      Sorry about the late reply to your request I have been away on holiday and just got back.
      Not sure I have a scan, as I think I just took a photo of this flyer from my collection.
      I will check on my computer and get back to you.
      I do have a lot of Hacienda flyers from back in the day which I have not put on my blog.
      What else are you looking for?
      If you do end up using photo/scan from m collection please credit source.

      • Rick Banks Says:


        No worries.

        I’m looking for quite a lot of flyers. Most of the original designers have sent me the artwork but I’m still missing a lot.

        Yes of course, in regards to crediting photography.

        Thank you — appreciated.


      • Rick Banks Says:

        Have you got an email address I can get you on?


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