The Festival of the tenth summer 12th-20th July 1986 Fac 151. Manchester England. Promo booklet.

Festival 10th P.O.E. 2

Festival 10th P.O.E. 3


Festival 10th P.O.E. 86


Here is the promotional booklet for ‘The festival of the tenth summer’ (Fac 151) a week long series of events from 12th-20th July 1986 organised by Factory Records and given a catalogue number. The event was about celebrating music, art, literature and film ten years after ‘Punk’ in the UK.

The week culminated with the ’10th event’ concert on Saturday 19th July featuring A Certain Ratio, The Smiths, New Order, The Fall amongst others. If I remember correctly New Order were last on, but it wasn’t really about who headlined. Just a excellent line up of bands and 10,000 people going crazy, great night!

Some Music from three of the bands playing that night. All three songs featured in the bands set on the night.

New Order Shellshock;



The Smiths Hand In Glove;



The Fall Mr Pharmacist;








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