New Order, Happy Mondays poster, the Hacienda, Manchester 1985.

New Order Happy Mondays poster from the Hacienda 1986

I got this poster from one of the notice boards inside the Hacienda at the time, typical Factory it was hand written with no exact dates on it, the gigs were in April!! I think it may have been the first couple of shows as a Factory band for Happy Mondays and being the support for New Order meant it was good crowds at both shows.
I seem to remember the Macclesfield leisure centre one being pretty rowdy and most people there being the worst for wear. The Happy Mondays were great and had only played a few concerts up to that point and had not yet released their first record.

New Order were excellent too and it was a home town gig for two of the memebers of the band.
This poster was on me and my brothers bedroom wall at my mum and dads house for years, you can still see the bluetack marks on the corners!
Its now lovingly framed on my wall at home!

Something to listen too; New Order ‘Thieves Like Us’ Fac 103. May 1984.


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  1. Kim Jenkins Says:

    carefree and untrained ! = ACE

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