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Hacienda, flyer Christmas and New Year celebrations 1988/89.

January 30, 2015


Flyer for the Hacienda festive celebrations at the club 1988/89.

I only just found this flyer in a shoe box a couple of weeks ago and thought it was nice to include in my blog. Its a good example of Factory Records and the Hacienda’s graphic identity which was always visually strong and coherent. This always applied to everything the record label  and club did, whether it was a new single or album release, a flyer for a new night or event, films or promotional material.

I remember the new years eve party for 88/89 was a pretty crazy one at the Hacienda and in Manchester generally. The year had followed on from the ‘second summer of love’ in 87, acid house and ‘raving’ had hit its peak throughout the UK in 1988 great times! Great Tune!

Something to listen to; Royal House (Todd Terry), Can You Party. Champion Records CHAMP 12-79, 1988.



Hacienda, ‘VOID’ flyer, February 1989.

January 24, 2015


VOID flyer, front.

IMG_1854VOID flyer, back.

Here is a flyer for the opening night of VOID at the Hacienda, on Wednesday 8th February 1989. The DJs for the opening night were resident regulars Mike Pickering and Jon DaSilva. Of course any new night during 88/89 attracted plenty of people. During 88/89 the weekends seemed to start on Wednesday and go through to Monday night! The back of this flyer is a bit knackered unfortunately!

Something to Listen to; Soul II Soul ‘Back To Life’ 1989. It was a played a lot that year especially during the summer months at the Hacienda. Although London centric it seemed to fit in with the atmosphere inside the club at that moment!






Hacienda, City Life Magazine cover. May 17th 1985.

January 20, 2015

C_Life Hac cover 85

City Life front cover May 1985.

C_Life Hac cover 2

City Life inside title page May 1985.

City Life was Manchester’s listing’s magazine this edition is from May 1985, the main feature being The Hacienda. To acknowledge/celebrate the clubs forthcoming 3rd anniversary/birthday party on Tuesday 21st May 1985. Featuring a cover shot of Tony Wilson hiding on the dance floor and the inside title page has a photo of the main room of the Hacienda, in daylight! Both photographs were taken by the renowned Manchester photographer Kevin Cummins.

I haven’t read the article since it was printed so I cannot remember what it says!!

Something to listen to; Marcel King ‘Reach for Love’ it was released originally in March 1984 as a Factory single Fac 92. But it was also released again a year later in 1985 on the Factory Benelux label FBN 43. Its a great and underrated tune by Marcel King another Manchester act who recorded for Factory Records. He performed the track live with the ‘Factory allstars’ at the Hacienda in 1984 for a one off event ‘The Tube live’ from the Hacienda (Friday 27th January 1984). The Tube was the big TV music show at the time and was broadcast Friday evenings at 6pm on channel 4. Also on the bill that night was a almost unheard of Madonna who made her first UK TV appearance miming and dancing away to ‘Holiday’!!! Rumour has it she got paid a few quid cash for her performance!

Marcel King ‘Reach For Love’;

Hacienda flyer, ‘SHINE’ Friday February 7th 1992.

January 15, 2015


Here’s a flyer for ‘SHINE’ another new night for Fridays when it started in May 1991. The same month the Hacienda re-opened after it was forced to close at the end of January 91, due to gang related violence in and around the clubs in Manchester.

This flyer was for the line up, for Fridays in February 1992. The 7th of February featured long time resident DJ Mike Pickering and guest Mr Fingers.

Something to listen to;  Mr Fingers (aka Larry Heard) ‘Can You Feel It’ a great Chicago house track originally released on Mr Fingers ‘Washing Machine’ EP, Trax Records 1986. Another Hacienda favourite from 87/88.

The Hacienda Manchester, 8th Birthday party, ticket stub. Monday 21st May 1990

January 14, 2015


Here’s my ticket stub from the Hacienda’s 8th birthday party, eighth birthday, £8!

Something to listen to that got played a lot in the Hacienda that spring/summer 1989, a Italian house classic! This track always sounded great and seemed to fit in perfectly with that carnival type atmosphere inside the Hacienda, during the summer’s of 88/89;

Sueno Latino, ‘Sueno Latino’;

The Smiths ticket stub, the Palace Theatre Manchester, Sunday 31st March 1985

January 9, 2015

Smiths Tkt Stub 85Here’s my ticket stub from The Smiths concert at the Palace Theatre Manchester in 1985, its a little bit faded this one!

The Smiths album ‘Meat Is Murder’ was released on the 11th of February 1985 and Manchester Palace Theatre was one of the dates on the tour for the album.

Something to listen to; The Smiths ‘Shakespeare’s Sister’ released 18th March 1985 (12″ RTT 181). It was a single only release and not included on the ‘Meat is Murder’ album, they played the single live at the Palace Theatre that night. The cover featured Pat Phoenix (see below) from the long running Manchester ‘soap opera’ Coronation Street, Morrissey’s favourite!


One of my favourite Smiths records!