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Hacienda ticket stub, Prefab Sprout 3rd May 1984.

December 29, 2014

Prefab Hac TKT 84Here’s another Hacienda ticket stub, for Prefab Sprout in May 1984.

From May 1982 when the Hacienda opened it was always a venue for live bands and a club. In the first couple of years there used to be three or four bands on a week. Then in 85/86 there would be a pretty even mix of club nights and live bands during the week. I would listen to John Peel’s nightly show on BBC radio one and anything I heard that I liked, I would try and go and see the band at one of Manchester’s live music venue’s. Prefab Sprout were a kind of unfashionable band, it might have something to do with the name! But live they were good and their first album ‘Swoon’ is a great record.

Something to listen too; ‘Don’t Sing’ Prefab Sprout, 1983. One of the singles from their first album ‘Swoon’ 1984.


Dry 201, beer mat Manchester 1989.

December 25, 2014

Dry210 beer matt

Here’s a beer mat from Dry bar in Manchester which was opened in July 1989 by Factory Records.

Its catalogue number  was of course FAC 201. Dry used to open around midday and was open seven days a week it quickly became the ‘pre club’ bar to go to. It was located on the other side of town to the Hacienda, on Oldham Street, the area which is now referred to as the ‘Northern Quarter’ of Manchester. But back in 1989 it was still run down in parts and the regeneration of the area was only just beginning. Some Saturdays around that time it would be great to go in there around 4pm, then the next stop would end up being the Hacienda around midnight!!

Something to listen from 1989, that was played in Dry and the Hacienda; Turntable Orchestra ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me’.

Hacienda, flyer. Ninth birthday party, Wednesday 21st May 1991.

December 22, 2014


A flyer for the Hacienda ninth birthday party 21st May 1991.

At the end of  January 1991 the Hacienda for the first time had to temporarily close. Due to the gang related violence that had started to appear around the club scene in Manchester at the time. Because the Hacienda was the biggest and most popular club, it always attracted the most attention media and otherwise. Therefore it became the focal point and a easy target for the powers that be. Things did start to change in 91-92 and the atmosphere definitely wasn’t the same as it had been in 87/88/89! The club was granted its first reprieve and re-opened on Friday 10th of May 1991 just in time for the ninth birthday.

Something to listen to that was played at the Hacienda in 91 ; The Bassheads ‘Is there anybody out there’ 1991.

Hacienda flyer ‘Void’ 1989.

December 19, 2014

Void Hac flyer

Hacienda ‘Void’ flyer 1989, front.

Void Hac flyer back

Hacienda ‘Void’ flyer 1989, back.

Here’s another flyer from the Hacienda. Void was night that started in February on a Wednesday in 1989 and continued on the same night into 1990. With regular DJ’s Mike Pickering and Jon da Silva and as on the flyer above, they would often have live PA’s.

Something to listen; Kraze ‘the party’ 1988.


Hacienda flyer, Nico + The Faction, Thursday 30th January 1986.

December 17, 2014

Hac Nico flyer 85_86

Hacienda flyer for Nico +  the Faction, Monday 30th January 1986.

Nico was living in Manchester around the time and did do for quite a few years! A year later in 1987 John Cale (along with Lou Reed the founding member’s of The Velvet Underground) produced the Happy Mondays first album ‘Squirrel And G-Man…. Fact 170.

Something to listen to; ‘Run Run Run’ The Velvet Underground & Nico. Their debut album released March 1967.

Happy Mondays, back stage pass USA 1989.

December 16, 2014


Here’s one of my back stage passes from the Happy Mondays ‘Bummed’ tour of the USA July/August 1989.

The pass is from the Ritz, New York City when they supported the Pixies in early August 1989. This pass (DRO, dressing room only) is stuck to the back of my laminate pass from the same tour (see below).

There seemed to be loads of people from Manchester in Manhattan with the Mondays and crew. It was pretty crazy back then in New York! Everyone around that day was partying from early afternoon onwards it was a excellent vibe and it carried on through the night. As usual everyone who was there from Manchester was well looked after you didn’t have to worry about beers etc! The Mondays played there set and were excellent, everybody from Manchester was on one and it ended up being a party on stage at the end.

Not sure what the America crowd or the Pixies for that matter made of the Happy Mondays! There is some live footage of the Mondays doing ‘Wrote For Luck’ (great version) from that concert on the ‘Madchester’ Rave On video Fac 262 1989.

I think it was a couple of weeks later that they played CBGB’s, it was completely different to what you would expect much smaller. Scruffy of course with a bar down one side of the room and the stage was really small and low. They even had loads of tables and chairs set up on the floor in front of the stage as if you would sit and drink beer and eat whilst watching the band!! Which seemed really out of place in a venue like that and so unlike venues in Manchester. I also remember that the door to the dressing room, which was a tiny little room right next to the stage was just open. Inside it was dingy mostly black and covered in graffiti and stickers. That was a great night too!

HM B_stage1

Here’s something to listen to; Happy Mondays ‘Lazyitis’ from the album Bummed Fact 220 1988.

The Smiths, The Queen is Dead, flyer Piccadilly Records. Manchester 1986.

December 5, 2014

Smiths Queen is flyer

The Smiths ‘The Queen Is Dead’ was released 16th June 1986 and was there third studio album. This was a flyer that Piccadilly Records gave to customer’s who went in the shop a couple of weeks before the album was out. New LP’s always used to come out on a Monday but if you were a regular you might be able to get hold of a record on the Saturday, on the weekend before its Monday release! You also got a bit of a discount with this voucher, not sure what the usual price was for a album then!

Smiths A_graphs 87

Here’s Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce autographs, bass player and drummer from The Smiths. On the back of a ATM cash receipt from around the same time as the ‘Queen is Dead’ album! I bumped into them near Euston train station in London when I was on a college trip. A bit embarrassing now, but I was only a kid! I wonder where Morrissey and Marr were!

Something to listen to; The Smiths ‘Big Mouth Strikes Again’ from the album and also released as a single in 1986 on Rough Trade RTT 192.

Is only 3minutes 15 seconds long not sure what 5:01’s all about!!!

The Hacienda, Northside flyer, February 1990.

December 4, 2014


Here’s a flyer for Northside and the Paris Angels at the Hacienda 5th February 1990 (I think)! Northside were a Factory band signed on the back of the success of Happy Mondays. They released three singles and a album ‘Chicken Rhythms’ (1991 Fac 310) on Factory and Im not sure what happened to them after that! Two Manchester bands and locals ‘The Spinmasters’ who always played great records dj-ing. Alright for a Monday night in February. Northside’s cover artwork was done by Central Station who did all the Happy Mondays artwork.

Something to listen to; Northside’s first single, ‘Shall we take a trip’ released May 1990 Fac 268.