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Happy Mondays, back stage pass and NME press cutting from 1987.

November 28, 2014

HMBSP2Happy Mondays, back stage pass 1988. I think!!


Happy Mondays, NME Live review. London, Portlands 1987.

Another Happy Mondays back stage pass from 1988, I think and a NME live review from a Portlands gig in London. Its a great review by James Brown later to be the editor of ‘Loaded’ magazine. The Happy Mondays were always good live and of course unpredictable. But as James Brown says in the review above and they were often not given credit for, they could be a ‘tight’ live band and brilliant.

Something to listen to; Happy Mondays ‘Oasis’ From their first album ‘Squirrel and G-Man Twenty Four Hour Party People Plastic Face Carnt Smile (White Out). Produced by John Cale (Velvet Underground). Fact 170, 1987. The track was also on the B side of their first single ‘Delightful’ FAC 129.


Twenty Four Hour Party People, film shoot, March 2nd 2001.

November 27, 2014

24hr party people film tkt


24hr P_people tkt backBack of ticket.

24hr party people filmHere’s the cover letter that was sent with the tickets.

Filming of the Hacienda nightclub scenes for the film ‘Twenty Four Hour Party People’ 2nd of March 2001 (I think it was a Friday night)!

I had two tickets for this event, I was living in London at the time and I didn’t end up going which of course I really regret as everyone who did go said it was excellent! I gave one ticket to my sister and she went and had a great time. Various journalist’s attended Miranda Sawyer being one, she later wrote affectionately about the night in one of her Guardian columns, she had regularly attended the Hacienda back in the day. From all accounts the re-creation of the Hacienda itself was spot on, they basically rebuilt the place inside a giant warehouse as a set for the film. Of course it was well attended and the filming/ ‘party’ went on much later than 1am. By all accounts they also made  a go of getting the atmosphere right. I bumped into ‘someone’ a week or so before it was happening and they gave me strict instructions to give them a full run down on what the set looked like! In a way it was probably easier I didn’t go, because not long after that said ‘someone’ was threatening legal action on grounds of copyright! Never sure what happened!

Something to listen to a Hacienda classic; Rhythim is Rhythim ‘Strings Of Life’ 1987.

New Order, A Certain Ratio and Happy Mondays. G-Mex Manchester, 17th December 1988, ticket stub.

November 24, 2014

NO HM ACR Gmex TKT 88Great line up, great Saturday night and of course a great year for partying 1988! New Order, ACR and Happy Mondays were all Factory bands so it was kind of like a showcase although all the bands were well established. The Happy Mondays were more popular than ACR at this stage and during 1989/90 became Factory’s headline act. G-Mex was the biggest venue in Manchester at the time around a 10,000 capacity and of course this night was sold out, ticket price £8.50, bargain! The after show party was chaotic. Later in 1990 the Happy Mondays did there own sold out shows at the same venue.

Something to listen to from the time that was being played all over Manchester ; Sugar Bear ‘Don’t Scandalize Mine 1988. TURN IT UP!


The Temperance Club / Debris Christmas Party at the Hacienda 1988.

November 22, 2014


Here is a flyer for the Temperance Club night at the Hacienda, Monday 12th December 1988, Debris Christmas Party. Featuring two great local artists/bands The Bodines and MC Buzz B aka Sean Braithwaite. ‘Debris’ was a Manchester music fanzine launched/edited by Dave Haslam a well respected Manchester writer and DJ who played at the Hacienda for many years. Years later (1999) he wrote a great book ‘Manchester England, the story of a pop cult city’ which is a great read covering social history, culture and fashion driven by the music of Manchester. The Temperance Club was Haslam’s night really, it started as weekly night in 1986 but as acid house kicked in it went over to a monthly but continued into 1991 with a diverse music policy.

Something to listen to; MC Buzz B ‘How sleep the brave’ 1989. Great tune kind of like a mix of Rap, Hip Hop and acid House!

Zumbar, flyer the Hacienda,1987.

November 18, 2014


Zumbar was a new night on a Wednesday at the Hacienda that opened in October 1987. It featured various DJ’s but was also meant to be a bit of a ‘happening’. So you would get music, fashion shows, artworks, comedian’s, unsigned local bands and more established groups. One local band that played Zumbar at the end of the year were called TOT, a sort of cross between a ‘riot girl’ band and ‘the Ting Tings’ but 20 years earlier. The girls in the band used to sticker everyone all over Manchester the day they played and everyone inside the Hacienda.

Here’s one of the stickers I saved from the time!!

ToT sticker


Something to listen to from that year and got played in the Hacienda at the time; New Order, ‘True Faith’ Fac 183.

The Hacienda, flyer Saturday nights. Nov/Dec 1989.

November 13, 2014

Hac Sat night flyer

The standard style flyer for a Saturday night, this one is the line up for November/December 1989.

A Favourite tune from a Saturday night around that time; Orange Lemon ‘Dreams of Santa Anna’.

W.O.M.A.D. July 1985, festival flyer.

November 12, 2014

Womad flyer 85

We did get out of Manchester, occasionally!! Me and a couple of my mates hitch hiked down for the weekend, the first time I had ever been to the ‘home counties’! We camped on the beach next to the festival site by the water, I don’t remember if we actually paid to go in but we saw all the bands. I remember New Order played the Saturday night and it was wet and cold and they kept everyone waiting for ages. They just had a sequencer thumping out a simple beat, loads of dry ice/smoke and lights building up the anticipation. Before they came on stage around 1AM, played for about 40mins were excellent and then f****d off and as was customary for them at the time, did no encore. Great.

Another band that were great that weekend (as always) were The Fall. Something to listen to; The Fall ‘Cruisers Creek’ October 1985.

The Smiths, Salford University, ticket stub. 20th July 1986.

November 11, 2014

Smiths Tkt stub 86

Here’s my ticket stub for The Smiths concert, Sunday the 20th July 1986. I remember it was packed out and extremely hot in the venue. The gig was just after ‘The Queen Is Dead’ album was released (16th June 1986). There were loads of huge posters all over town of the famous photo of the band stood outside Salford Lads Club. The bootleg merchandisers were selling them outside and doing a roaring trade, I still have one somewhere! I think ‘James’ may have supported them but I cannot be sure. The ticket still has the ‘blu tac’ marks in each corner from being stuck on my bedroom wall at my mum & dads, when I was a teenager!

Something to listen to off the album; ‘The Queen is Dead’ the title track.

Hacienda, Raw Power, flyer 1985.

November 10, 2014

Hac raw power flyer

A flyer for the Hacienda ‘Raw Power’ night 1985. if I remember this was a monthly night, one that didn’t run for so long certainly only during 1985 and maybe only for a few months. It was a kind of indie night but a bit more diverse, so all the indie stuff that was released in 1985 being played along with Joy Division, Bowie, Buzzcocks, Velvet Underground and the Fall etc etc. If there was only a 150 people in there on a wet Tuesday night it could feel desolate sometimes, at least you had space to appreciate the architecture!!

Something to listen to from one of those nights; Joy Division ‘Transmission’ Fac13, 1979.


Factory Records office/headquarters building. Photo’s Manchester 1989.

November 7, 2014

Fac B_Bld 2 Fac B_Bld 1

Here’s a couple of photo’s I took of this building on the corner of Princess Street and Charles Street in Manchester M1. Again I am pretty sure it was late 1989. I would pass the place often, it was just another one of those semi derelict buildings that were all over central Manchester at the time. Then it just happened to be ‘transformed’ over night. You can see the ‘sold’ sign on the photo’s. Factory had just bought the building to use as the Factory records new offices, seperate from the Hacienda that was around the corner about 1/2 a mile away on Whitworth street.

So before any work started and factory moved in they fly posted their own building with loads of Happy Mondays posters. The building’s covered in posters of Shaun Ryder’s portrait and repeated in a ‘Warhol’ style. The portrait was done by Central Station design and of course the same image graced the cover of Happy Mondays 2nd album from 1988 ‘Bummed’ Fact220. I thought it looked great and had to take a photo before it disappeared (of course it was raining that day),  great advertising great idea! Well before the term ‘guerrilla marketing’ had ever been heard off!!

If I remember it stayed up for a few months before scaffolding went up and the place got stylishly refurbished. The offices/Headquarters opened, I think in September 1990 and was given the factory Catalogue number 251. They had a opening night party and it was pretty chaotic but great fun!


A brilliant track to listen to on a Friday night;

Happy Mondays ‘Wrote For Luck’ Album version and for me still the best version! (The original album cover doesn’t have the type printed on the portrait of Shaun Ryder, it just has the title ‘Bummed’ embossed on the bottom left corner).