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The Stone Roses, flyer for the International II gig, May 30th 1988.

October 31, 2014

S_Roses Flyer Int

James and The Stone Roses at the International II May 1988. I remember it was pretty packed out, the Stone Roses were loud and it was hot in there! I think most people had gone to see the Stone Roses but James were good as well, totally different to the Stone Roses more like good weird folk, than rock and roll! James were supposed to be the next big thing having supported the Smiths many times.

Something to listen to on a Friday afternoon; The Stone Roses ‘Made of Stone’ 1988.



Primal Scream ticket stub The Boardwalk, Manchester.

October 30, 2014

P_Scream B_walk

Here’s my ticket stub for Primal Scream at the Boardwalk in Manchester again not exactly sure of the date, I think it was May 1986. I also think it was the first time they played Manchester and Bobby Gillespie had only just left The Jesus And Mary Chain. The Boardwalk up until the Christmas 1985 had been basically the Factory Records practice rooms, for all the bands on the label (and a few others) to rehearse and demo. I think the first night the Boardwalk had a gig/live act with audience was the Christmas Party, at the end of the previous year featuring James (ticket stub to follow)!

Anyway we were all ‘perry boys’ really, but into music, having seen the Jesus and Mary chain the previous year it was one not to miss. The boardwalk at the time was another really small intimate place maybe 200 capacity. It was pretty busy that night and Primal Scream were excellent, they were noisy but had really great sweet ‘pop’ tunes in the wall of sound. There were loads of them on stage (the floor in front of you)! Maybe six or seven, looked great black leather jeans and polo necks long flicker fringes or sunglasses, tambourines and maracas, even some beads if I remember rightly!! Of course I loved that ‘VU’ thing and two and a half minute long songs, so it all made sense and of course their first couple of singles were so good.

Something to listen to; Primal Scream ‘Velocity Girl’ 1986. (1 minute 29)!


A Certain Ratio, flyer The International, Anson Road Manchester.

October 29, 2014

ACR Int Flyer 85!

A Certain Ratio live at the International, not sure exactly when 1985/86!! I had seen them before of course being a Factory band at the Hacienda as well. But the International was a more kind of traditional venue, long bar down the side of the room and a stage at one end and bit more rough and ready! It was also about a mile out of the city centre so it always felt like you were doing something different. I saw loads of bands there over the years. And more bands still at the International II which opened later, when both venues were running a the same time.


Something to listen to; A Certain Ratio ‘Shack up’. 1980.

I still love this record now, another one that suited the space ,feeling and sound of the Hacienda perfectly. It did used to get played everywhere in Manchester as well, the Venue, Band on the Wall, and Legends!! It was only a few years after I first heard it, I found out it was a cover! (Banbarras Shack Up 1975).

The Hacienda flyer ‘Zumbar’ featuring Frank Sidebottom!! 1987.

October 28, 2014


Frank Sidebottom live at the Hacienda! What a night!

A fashion PA by Geese as well which used to be a great shop in Barton Arcade between Deansgate and St Ann’s Square. Also downstairs was Branningan’s one of our favourite (in the early days) late afternoon early evening pre-clubbing drinking dens for ‘Perry boys’. A favourite of the Happy Mondays and entourage and just around the corner from Corbieres. Which always had a good juke box and was a great little venue for up and coming local bands. The Mondays played a great early live set there it was really small so it always felt the band were in the crowd.

Here’s another tune Frank Sidebottom ‘Panic on the streets of Timperly’ With the classic line “hang the bobbins DJ”. Very funny shame he was a City Fan!!


The Hacienda ‘Temperance Club’ flyer 1986.

October 27, 2014

Hac Temp club flyer

Hacienda ‘Temperance Club’ flyer 1986. It used to be a great night always a weird and wonderful mix of people not just ‘students’. The music played was always a eclectic mix a lot of indie, rock and pop, with a bit of hip hop thrown in a first. Then the same night during 1987 more Chicago house was getting played alongside all of the above and of course house/dance and electronic music being made in Manchester (808 State/Guy called Gerald etc). Reflecting what was being played on Friday and Saturday night’s at the time at the Hacienda.

£1 to get in and 60p a pint!! I remember we used get stupid then jib on the free buses to the students campus, have no money for a taxi and have to walk the rest of the way home!

Something to listen to a indie favourite at the ‘Temperance Club’ and a great tune; The Loft ‘Up The Hill And Down The Slope’.


Happy Mondays back stage pass, Pills Thrills ‘N’ Bellyaches. G-MEX Manchester.

October 24, 2014

HM party guest pass

Here’s something to listen to excellent track Happy Mondays from Pills ‘N’ Thrills And Bellyaches ‘Dennis and Lois’.

And here’s the original album cover!!



Here is a collage of mine inspired by the Happy Mondays music and tour of America for ‘Bummed’ in 1989. And the album Pills Thrills ‘N’ Bellyaches 1990.



The flyer for the Hacienda 10th birthday celebrations. Thursday 21st May 1992.

October 23, 2014


Great flyer (almost A3 size) great line up; Mike Pickering, Graeme Park, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles.

Something to listen to Sterling Void ‘Its Alright’.


The festival of the tenth summer, events poster.

October 22, 2014


The festival of the tenth summer 12th-20th July 1986, ‘The ten events to celebrate Manchester poster. Looking a bit worn around the edges this one! I have a another poster the same but in better condition and that one is framed on my wall.

Something else to listen to whilst looking, another fantastic band who played on the Saturday and believe or not Mark E Smith is still going strong!!

From 1986 The Fall ‘Mr Pharmacist’ excellent!

I went to see The Fall in concert around the same time, maybe it was 1985, at Clitheroe Castle in Lancashire a open air gig and what a fine show it was. Mark E Smith the original ‘antipopstar’.

Here’s a detail of the Tenth summer poster showing the other side of the fold out poster.

Festival 10th P.O.E. 86






Festival of the tenth summer ‘G-MEX THE TENTH EVENT’ 19th July 1986 ticket stub.

October 21, 2014


The tenth event on the Saturday at G-MEX featured, A Certain Ratio /The Smiths /New Order /The Fall /Pete Shelley /John Cooper Clarke /John Cale and loads more. Great line up, great day my birthday as well!!

Something to listen to The Smiths ‘There is a light that never goes out’ they played the song that night like all the bands they were excellent!



Hacienda ticket stub for New Order. 16th July 1985.

October 20, 2014

NO Hac TKT 85

It was always crazy in the Hacienda when New Order played, packed out! This night was the same hot as well, I seem to remember lots of people wearing shorts and trainers and sporting ‘Barney’ haircuts. It was also one of those night’s when you get in early, its summertime and the place was still pretty light inside due to those huge skylights!


Another favourite record New Order ‘Ceremony’.